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Welcome to Kat ph get the latest news and resources relating to the Kat ph website on theĀ  21,03 2013 one of the worlds most popular torrent websites was blocked by Virgin, Sky, BT, Talk-talk and more. Kat ph was within the top 50 websites in the UK and its estimated that Kat ph was turning over around 15 million dollars of advertising revenue per year.

What Is Kat PH

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Kat ph is a torrent sharing community slightly smaller than the Piratebay however Kat ph is the 50th most popular website in the UK. Users of Kat ph download and upload torrents to the latest movies, software, games. Its debatable if the website is illegal however the music industry BPI took out a court order and asked all major UK internet providers to block access to the website. Later that month BPI won the court order and ISPs had no choice other than to completely block access to the popular torrent website also known as KickAssTorrentz. Read more

Can I Still Access Kat ph?

access kat phThe short answer would be yes however this really depends on what country you live in, the Kat ph website has not actually been shut down it has just been blocked in certain parts of the world. At the moment we know for sure that the whole of the UK cannot access Kat ph without using a none UK proxy. Some users are even setting up their own proxy sites just for personal use to gain access to the popular website. Although there are plenty of other torrent sites Kat ph had a reputation for not uploading or allowing fake torrents. Kat Ph also had a large community with over 20 million registered users. Read more

Is Kat ph Legal?

kat ph legalObviously downloading copyright content is not legal and under no circumstances do we condone illegal downloading of software, movies, games etc. Kat ph was blocked for a reason but there are lots of websites that offer a similar service and yet these websites have not been blocked. However blocking websites is not going to solve piracy issues which copyright holder face as it stands right now we have discovered over 300 working proxies that allow UK users to gain access to the popular website. Its understandable why Kat ph is so popular, being able to download the latest movies before they have even been released is a lot of temptation for users that want to see there favorite movies and can be bothered waiting. Read more.

Using Kat ph Proxies

katph proxyAlthough you use proxy sites everyday most of the time without even knowing you are suing them proxies setup by developers for one reason and one reason only which is access sites that have been blocked are not all harmful. Hosting proxy’s costs money, and without adverting these proxy sites would not have enough money to host these proxies, now not many reputable advertisers allow adverting on proxy sites, so this leaves them no other choice but to publish ads that are not screened. This means that the ads are not human checked, which means these ads can contain nasty viruses such as malware and adware, some proxy sites ask users to fill in a survey to gain access or some even go one step further and they content lock the website forcing users to install unwanted and UN-needed software to access the site and most of the the time when users do, they still cant even access the website. Read more

Using Kat ph Unblocking Software

katph unblockingNow unblocking software is simply a proxy add-on or proxy software sometimes this can be a separate browser or sometimes it works with popular browsers such as chrome, Firefox, this software allows users to search for proxies or sometimes it does the searching for you. Proxy’s are not illegal however it depends what you are using it for, if you are using proxies to access sites that have been blocked in your country then this is clearly illegal. Read more



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