Kat ph Proxies

katph proxy

We have found over 300 working Kat ph proxy sites some of which are dedicated proxies that allow users to login using their existing details. Out of all the Kat ph proxies we tested we did not find any that were not using 3rd party advertising. Most of the proxy sites make users click short URLs which every time the link is click is makes the proxy developer a small amount of money. These short URLs are very annoying. Not only did we find developers using this method we also found them adding floating adverting usually at the top and bottom of the page which causes lot of interference with the actual site.

Slow Kat ph proxies

Over 70% of the dedicated Kat ph proxies that we tested all had an average page load speed of around 10 seconds, lots of them failed to load after just 1 or 2 clicks. This is mainly due to the proxies having weak servers or inequality setup and configured correctly. We also found that many of these proxy sites have been spamming a great deal in efforts to gain more traffic. As far as we know there is no official Kat ph proxy instead webmasters to create there own.

Fake Kat ph Proxies

We even found some sites which content locked a fake Kat ph homepage and forced users to fill in surveys to gain access to the site, when a user did fill in a survey they were simply redirected to fill in even more surveys none of which gave access to the actual site. Some publishers are even using spam methods of getting users to install software some without them even knocking which is illegal. If by any chance you are looking for proxies please be advised that they could harm your computer and potentially get you into trouble with local authority’s.


vpn kat phVPN “Virtual Private Network” are becoming more and more popular nowadays i believe its still illegal to use these services to access blocked websites but hypothetically speaking this would be one of the safer options according to the larger VPN providers as some are actually marketing there services for this reason.