Kat ph Unblocking Software

Proxy software can be used for many other reasons other than to access blocked sites such as Kat ph the software comes in many of different forms but most of the time its usually a proxy add on for a browser such as Firefox or Chrome. We did a bit of research into these so called “Kat ph unblockers”.

Genuine Kat ph Unblocking Software

katph unblockingWhen we say genuine we mean the software actually does what its promised to do most of the software marketed as individual website unblockers are fake, they do nothing more than a simple add on for a browser. We did discover a small piece of software that was actually clean however the software is illegal so we advise you not to use it and for that reason we are not going to give the name of this software.

Fake Kat ph Unblockers

This is kind of interesting some of the lengths what spammers will go to is unbelievable we have seen a number of websites promoting Kat ph unblockers that install tons of adware and viruses and the funniest part is you don’t even get a kat ph unblocker. Another form of trickery these spammers are suing is getting people to click short links which are automatically added to the software, for every page you click you have to sit though a 5 second advert before you get to the destination. 90% of thetime the destination is fake. However the most annoying of all is the content locked surveys these guys are real pests. They make you fill out a survey and when you do you download a file which contains a link to yet another survey and it just keep going around in circles. Beware of any You Tuber promoting Kat ph by passers or unblockers.

If you have read though this whole website you may have already realized that going down the legal route is probably the best option, far enough it costs a little bit of money but put yourself in their shoes for a second. If you created something which your livelihood depended on would you want people downloading it and sharing it for free?