What Is Kat PH

Kat ph is a torrent file sharing community which is currently turning over around 15 million dollars per year in adverting revenue. Kat ph is a huge website slightly smaller than the most popular torrent site Piratebay. Users can upload and download torrent files for free users can also leave comments and rate torrent files. Its estimated that Kat ph has over 20 million registered users and over 22% of Kats traffic is returning visitors.

Why Is Kat ph So Popular

kat ph popularYou find that any website promising users what they want and websites following through with these promises will become popular. Kat ph is usually the first to upload the latest software, games, videos, and music.Not only are Kat ph the first to upload the uploads the uploads are normally of high quality. There are thousands upon thousands of websites that offer torrents 90% of the time when users download these files they are normally password protected and require users to fill in surveys or download UN-wanted software to gain access to the original file.

Most of the time when a user has jumped though all the hoops the file doesn’t even exist. Kat ph has a reputation of banning users who try to use this spam method, over 95% of the files on Kat ph are genuine now forget the spammers for a second and look at the friendliness of the actually site. Firstly the site works, its up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week, not too much adverting, and the adverting does not normally contain nasty viruses.

Secondly when you leave a comment or question you expect a reply considering kat ph gets huge amounts of traffic these questions get answered straight away and thirdly users tend to rate the torrents which means if a fake torrent does happen to slip through the net users will thumb down the comment and this tells you the torrent is fake so you don’t have to waste your time or bandwidth downloading the fake files.

Is Kat ph New

new kat ph

Kat ph used to be called Kick Ass Torrents they changed there name back in 2012 while searching on sites like Google you will find more information by searching for there old name. Kat have actually had a few domains thought the history of the website this is just a handful of the popular ones kickasstorrentz.com, kat.ph, kk.tt. All of which are currently banned in the UK, Kat does not use a shared server they use dedicated servers and looks to be that the court order has blocked the actual IP not the domain name.